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Acai Flush Acai Flush is a dietary supplement that takes advantage of the powerful acai berry. The acai berry is a natural antioxidant that can be found naturally in the Amazon jungle, and has been used by tribesmen because of its natural healing properties. Now people have found that it is a good way to help them lose weight while at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle

» Contains all natural ingredients
» It is a high-powered antioxidant that will boost your immunity
» It will increase your metabolism
» The free trial comes with a custom diet plan and workout program
» Detoxifies your digestive system

» It is not a proven weight loss drug by the FDA
» It is expensive
» When you sign up for the free trial offer you are automatically enrolled in the monthly program if you do not call them back and discontinue before the end of the specified trial period


Acai berry extract and other natural ingredients

Why Should I take Acai Flush? Acai Flush works as a natural way to cleanse your colon while at the same time aiding your quest to lose weight. While other diet supplements are loaded down with chemical substances, Acai Flush makes sure that you can work to lose weight in a more natural setting without the risk of dangerous side effects.

Benefits of Acai Flush

» It is a good source of natural fiber
» It works to increase your immune system because of its high antioxidant levels
» Improves your digestive health by detoxifying your intestinal tract
» Will help you to lose weight naturally so that you don't have to worry about side effects


If you are looking for a way to make sure that you are doing everything possible to lose weight effectively and keep it off, then Acai Flush is the product for you.

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FAQ Section about Acai Flush

Acai Flush Colon Cleanse: Acai Flush can work as a colon cleansing product because of its ability to naturally detoxify your digestive system and clean out all of those dangerous chemicals that are stored there from everyday living.

Does Acai Flush give you Diarrhea? A few people have experienced some slight problems with diarrhea, but they generally pass within the first week. If this is not the case discontinue the pills' usage.

Is Acai Flush Safe for Diabetics and Teenagers? Since it's all natural both diabetics and teenagers are okay to take Acai Flush. However, diabetics should always check with their doctor first before taking a dietary aid.

What are the Ingredients in Acai Flush? Acai berry extract and other natural ingredients

Acai Flush Recommended Dosage: Take two pills with a meal.

How do you Use Acai Flush? Acai Flush is intended to be used as a dietary aid that will work to increase your metabolism.

Acai Flush Shelf Life: The shelf life of the pills is generally more than a year, but you should always check the label just to be sure.

Acai Flush Side Effects: There are no reported side effects of Acai Flush.

What is Acai Flush? Acai Flush is a dietary aid that is intended to help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism naturally.

Where to Buy Acai Flush? It is only available online.

Other Details of Acai Flush

» Recommended Dosage: Take two pills with a meal - Min 3 Months
» Price: Acai Flush cost $89.97.
» How much Shipping and Handling s/h? $4.95
» Trial Options: 14-day trial period
» FDA Approved: -----
» Contact Details: 642 Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies
» Phone Number: 800-440-4397

Acai Berry Products

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