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Vital Fusion 5 Bottle Introduction: The Virtual Fusion 5, also called the Fusion 5 Fat Burners and Vital Fusion Daily Multi Vitamins and Minerals with Critical Anti-Oxidants, is designed to help you lose weight. The product, like many weight loss products on the market, features the acai berry as its main ingredient. In addition to weight loss, though Vital Fusion 5 also claims to help you look younger and clear up signs of age.


» Contains all of the benefits you'd get from any acai berry product, including antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and more.
» Has very few side effects.
» Contains other ingredients that provide extra benefits, such as green tea.


» While the green tea in Vital Fusion 5 is helpful, it also contains caffeine, and some people may either not want to include caffeine in their diet or may react negatively to the caffeine.
» It's hard to measure some of the effects of the product, such as the fact that it claims to increase energy or make you look younger.
» You're automatically enrolled in the Vital Fusion 5 program when you request a free trial, so you will need to cancel your membership before you get charged for the next month's supply if you don't like the product.

Vital Fusion 5 Ingredients: The Vital Fusion 5 website is somewhat vague as to what exactly the product contains. It leads the reader to assume it contains acai berry extract, green tea extract, and other vitamins and minerals, but no complete list can be found.

Why Should I Take Vital Fusion 5?
You should take Vital Fusion 5 if you want to gain many different vitamins and minerals by taking one pill.

Benefits of Vital Fusion 5

Vital Fusion 5 contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and it can increase your overall health. The product may also help you look younger and give you more energy.

Conclusion: Vital Fusion 5 contains many different health supplements, but the fact that it contains caffeine may be a turn off to some.

Vital Fusion 5 Colon Cleanse

Vital Fusion 5 is primarily a weight loss product. As such, it is not specifically aimed at cleansing the colon. However, as with all products that contain the acai berry, it will help speed up your metabolism and make your digestive system healthier. It may not contain the extreme amounts of fiber that most colon cleansers use to flush the toxins from your system, but it does contain a good amount of fiber. This will help make you more regular and will assist in cleansing your body.

Does Vital Fusion 5 Give You Diarrhea? No. Vital Fusion 5 will not cause diarrhea. The fiber that makes you more regular may increase your bowel movements, but it will not lead to diarrhea.

Is Vital Fusion 5 Safe for Diabetics and Teenagers? Vital Fusion 5 contains green tea, which means it contains caffeine. Depending on how caffeine affects you, you may or may not suffer side effects. Because no detailed list of ingredients is available online, diabetics should speak with their doctor before taking the product or any product that may affect their diet.

What are the Ingredients in Vital Fusion 5?

It's difficult to tell exactly what ingredients are in Vital Fusion 5. The product website is somewhat vague in this area. One would assume the product contains acai berry extract, green tea extract, various other vitamins and minerals, but there is not a complete list.

Vital Fusion 5 Recommended Dosage: Simply take one Vital Fusion 5 each day to get the full advantages of it.

How Do You Use Vital Fusion 5? Vital Fusion 5 is a small pill that you take with water. That's all there is to it.

Vital Fusion 5 Shelf Life: Because it is a pill, Vital Fusion 5 has a very long shelf life.

Vital Fusion 5 Side Effects

Generally, acai berry products do not have any side effects. However, because Vital Fusion 5 contains green tea, it also contains caffeine. This means you may experience any caffeine-related side effects such as feel jittery and being unable to sleep.

What is Vital Fusion 5?

Vital Fusion 5, or Fusion 5 Fat Burner and Vital fusion Daily Multi Vitamins and Minerals with Critical Anti-Oxidants, as the product is fully named, is a weight loss product that is based on the acai berry. The product promises to help you lose weight and keep your skin looking healthy and blemish free.

Where to Buy Vital Fusion 5? Vital Fusion 5 is available online from the official website.

Other Details of Vital Fusion 5

» Recommended Dosage: Daily 2 Capsules - Min 4 Months
» Price: Vital Fusion 5 cost $94.95 ($90 + $4.95) You should read terms and conditions.
» How much Shipping and Handling s/h? $4.95 for s/h
» Trial Options: 15 Days. You must cancel before your trial period. (Only one trial offer per household)
» FDA Approved: -----
» Contact Details:, 5255 N Edgewood Drive, Suite #225, Provo, UT, 84604
» Phone Number: -----

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